Language is the key

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Language is the key to everything

We cannot speak for you – but we can help you convey your message to business partners, retailers, distributors, journalists, end users and anyone else who is willing to listen, but has little time.

And it won’t cost you a fortune.

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Good Company

9to5 Media Services is a Single Source Publishing and Language Service Provider.

We help our customers reach their audience by translating and publishing marketing literature, documentation (manuals, quick start guides, safety instructions…) and other content.

If you work for the IT, music, musical instrument or AV industry, you probably know…

From writing, translation, proofreading and typesetting to consulting and project management:

Over the last 30 years, we have completed numerous projects for all these (and quite a few other well-known) brands.

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Language Matters

While only 25% of the world population speak English, more than 54% of the web’s content is in English.

Something doesn’t add up.

“Can’t read, won’t buy”

“The vast majority (85.3%) of our respondents feel that having pre-purchase information in their own language is a critical factor in buying insurance and other financial services. […] The more valuable an item, the more likely it is that someone will want to read about the product and buy it in their own language.”

“Having information in their own language was more important to 56.2 percent of our total sample than a low price.”

From “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: How Localization Increases Sales Worldwide” – a survey by Common Sense Advisory

Proper translation and localization translates into good business.

We can help your brand translate…

Ads, brochures, catalogues, social media content, manuals, newsletters, press releases, software interfaces, support content, videos (subtitles and dubbing), web content…

…and whatever else your business may require.

We translate from English to…

More target languages on request.

All translators working for and with us are dedicated professionals, most of them with many years of experience and a background in music and/or audio technology.

Translatable File Formats

Publishing and Office:

Web and Digital Publishing:

Apps and Software:

Content Management systems, Storage Systems etc.

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Technology and Workflow

Computer-assisted translation has considerable advantages when it comes to translating marketing and technical content. Here’s how it works:

  1. Documents are uploaded to a secure, web-based translation platform.
  2. The translation system will extract all translatable content (headlines, descriptions, table cells, image captions etc.) from these documents.
  3. The extracted content is analyzed against a (private / brand-specific) database of previously translated content; the translation memory. This enables us to predict the amount of work and give reliable quotes that take previous work and repetitions into account.
  4. Translations are assigned to reliable, experienced freelance translators.
  5. During the translation process, translators can use reference documents (usually PDFs), but they won’t be able to modify (and accidentally damage) the document layout or structure.
  6. After translation (of traditional, typeset documents), a designer will make adjustments to fit longer text into existing layouts, adjust fonts etc.

We have fine-tuned this process over many years, using a reliable, secure platform and an optimized workflow.

In other words: With us, your translation project is in good hands.

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A modern translation workflow gives you unprecedented control and flexibility.

Data Security

All assets are stored in one central location, on secure servers. Translators only get access to the relevant resources. There are no delays or security leaks through e-mail attachments or other means of communication.


We translate content, not documents. Once a heading / sentence / table cell has been translated in one context / project, it can easily be reused everywhere – this is called “leverage” in the translation industry.

Put simply: more translations = more savings.


Our centralized, web-based approach allows us to add or swap service providers quickly. You can also bring in your own employees as translators or proofreaders.


No sentence has to be translated twice. Accordingly, the more work we do for your brand, the more you save by re-using content from your ever-growing translation memory.


Only “deltas” need to be translated.


As existing translations and term bases (dictionaries) are shared, translations will be more consistent across all formats. Speak with one voice, in all languages, on all platforms.

No Vendor Lock-In

Translation memories and other data can easily be exported. If you want to work with another service provider, we’ll make all your data available in the industry-standard format (TMX). It’s your intellectual property, and you have already paid for it, so we don’t charge for this.

No Upfront Investments

Fees for access to all these benefits and features are covered by our rates. Enjoy all the advantages of a high-end translation environment without any upfront investment.

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Let’s Talk!

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Send a message to, and we’ll get in touch to discuss your project.

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