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Feedback from our clients

“I have used several translators in the past, and Martin is by far the best I have worked with. As with most industries, the musical instrument industry has a unique vocabulary set. Our brand also has a very specific sense of humor to it. Whether it is technical terminology or an obscure joke, Martin always seems to ‘get it.’ And if he doesn’t, he quickly sends an email to clarify what we are asking for. He clearly communicates timelines and never fails to deliver in a timely manner. Martin also consistently finds proofing mistakes that we have missed, and our communications end up in a better place thanks to working with him.

I really do appreciate you always going above and beyond for us.”

Geoff Crowe, Art Director, EarthQuaker Devices, December 2023

“Martin is a pleasure to work with. Prompt, accurate and thorough. He takes the time to get inside the copy and unpack the sentiment behind it – then relay that to his team, so we know we’re getting the best possible translation of our marketing materials.”

John Steward, Global PR and Content Director, Dynaudio A/S, June 2018

“If you need any form of general and efficient work with text (including cost effective translation, proof reading, manuals, compliance, marketing and so much more) Martin is your guy! I simply wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Bruce Davidson, COO, Audio Distribution Group, May 2019

“Martin has provided great value for our company, and has been an invaluable tool in not just simply translating, but aiding in restructuring the way we think about multi-language communication.”

Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager, Dynaudio A/S, May 2019

“Martin has a rare combination of expertise, speed, style, creativity, and humor that make him an invaluable asset for any technical writing or localization team. Martin provided very helpful and innovative ideas for the design of the localization processes at Cakewalk, and was a pure pleasure to work with. He is one of the best translators I know.”

Stephan Cocron, Head of Localization, Cakewalk Software, 2008


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