From ads to web content

While our core business is writing, translating and designing manuals and social media content, we also cover many other formats/media. Pick & choose the services you need.

And if you have something else on your mind – let’s talk.

Translation services


Translating an ad is impossible without context. Let’s make sure that your ads are translated (or shall we say: re-interpreted) by people who know the language, the culture, the context.

Brochures & Catalogues

Translating extensive catalogues doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If there are many repeating or similar segments, we can offer you substantial rebates by harnessing the power of translation memories.

Image Films

We know: Film/video projects are expensive. But even if you don’t have the budget to shoot your image film or product presentation in ten languages, we can still help you reach a wider audience: We’ll provide translated scripts or time-stamped YouTube subtitles. And if you need an audio post production facility/recording studio in Germany which can also provide top-notch voice talent, we have just the right people for you: First Unit Productions.

Kickstarter Pages & Videos

You have developed a great gadget, and your marketing guys & gals spent months on getting the Kickstarter page just right. Now let’s make sure that all your future customers in Spain, France and China learn about your product, too!

We’ll translate your Kickstarter page and video(s). And as all these translations go into a translation memory that belongs to you, they can be used for your website and Facebook page as well. More formats, more languages – more supporters!


Nobody ever reads the freaking manual – or so the say. But when they do, they’ll appreciate complete, translated, well-formatted languages in their own language. It’s a simple formula: Better manuals in more languages = fewer support incidents.


Even in the age of Facebook and Twitter, a well-written newsletter is still one of the best formats to keep your audience engaged. We can translate and (if required) localize your newsletter content so that’s relevant to your loyal users in France, Spain and Brazil.


Your PowerPoint presentation, your Keynote masterpiece, your pitch deck… should never go without you. But they may have to. Your French distributor may have to give a presentation when you can’t. Or you may have to send a translated version of your presentation around the world (until someone has worked out this teleportation thing). Let a professional translate slides, presenter notes and script for you. And while you’re at it, let’s make sure that no time is wasted on “What PowerPoint version do you have? Will you need our corporate font?” Our translation platform will extract all translatable text. No font roulette, no headaches.

Press releases

“Spreading the word” can be hard when you’re competing with so many others. Make a journalist’s life a little easier by providing a translated, properly formatted press release.

Social Media

Facebook Content

What’s better than being on Facebook? Making sure your brand’s fans feel right at home, no matter where they are. We’ll help you build localized communities on everyone’s favorite social media platform.


280 characters aren’t a lot. Make them count! Properly translated promoted tweets mean better click-through rates, aka more bang for the buck.

YouTube Subtitles

YouTube subtitles allow you to reach a much wider audience for your product presentations, image films and tutorials without breaking the bank. Here is how it works:

  • We’ll export the existing (machine-transcribed) captions or transcribe the video ourselves if the machine transcription cannot be used.
  • The exported, time-stamped SRT file is translated using our translation platform and
  • re-imported into YouTube as an additional caption track, which users can select from the YouTube player.

Bonus: The translation goes into the translation memory, which belongs to you and can easily be reused in other projects, saving you time and money.

Software UIs

Even today, creating great software is more of a black art than a technical process. Getting people to learn and love your masterpiece is easier if you go the extra mile and translate the UI and help screens. We can translate user strings in the common formats.

Support Articles

Support is your best opportunity to turn a very confused person into a happy customer. Translated support articles can save you many calls and support hours.

Web Content

A modern web site is your window to the world. The people who’ll peek through this window – from a café in Paris, an office in Rome, a smartphone on the Beijing subway – will appreciate translated content. A translated site will show them that they are welcome, that you are willing to accommodate them.